If it’s possible for 90 percent of Americans to eat within 100 miles from home, can four women in the Aspen area really do it for 40 days without breaking their backs and the bank? We’ll find out when they eat locally only from August 22 – September 30, 2016.


4 Women, 40 Days: Foraging the Aspen-ish Foodshed

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Weekend warrior; avid cook.

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A recent study out of the University of California revealed as many as 90 percent of Americans could exist on food produced within 100 miles from home, with as much as 80 percent capable of eating food grown within a 50-mile radius of their front door. Despite that, is the concept of a local-only diet too much romance and not enough reality? The farm-to-table and slow-food movements are lovely ideas, although whether they’re just a niche or actually achievable and affordable enough to do for more than one night only is a larger — and longer — question.

It would be impossible to drive within 100 miles of Aspen and not pass a farm, although like most croplands in the United States, few here exist for the sole purpose of feeding its neighbors. Given the benefits of eating locally, though, which include a boost for the economy, improved community health, and a lessened environmental impact, it seems worth investigating whether it’s possible, and more importantly to many, practical to survive and thrive solely on food generated in our own area.

Of course relying solely on the local food system is a notion that may be well be “hobbled by too much wishful thinking and not enough hard data,” as renown author and professor Michael Pollan said. Still, if it’s feasible to do without committing full time and full bank accounts, the four Aspen Locavore participants will find out from August 22 – September 30, 2016. 



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