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Going Local

When longtime Aspenite Betsy Fifield learned that Colorado is 35th on a national index ranking the United States for their commitment to local foods, she was taken aback. But her real epiphany came when she discovered that a recent University of California study revealed that 90 percent of Americans could exist on food produced within 100 miles from home. Read More.

AUGUST 27, 2016
The Aspen Times

Aspen woman aims to eat like a locavore for 40 days

Betsy Fifield likes a good challenge, especially one that involves eating. Fifield is one of three women taking the Aspen Locavore Challenge — a quest to rely exclusively on locally sourced foods for 40 days. Read More.

JUNE 17, 2016
Edible Aspen

Get Localized

Aspen locals Betsy Fifield, Kate Linehan and Candace Cross are launching the “Aspen Locavore” challenge this fall. The 40-day endeavor is inspired by what they believe are staggeringly low statistics regarding local food sourcing nationwide.
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