Kate loves food - - the way it looks, smells, feels, grows, and of course how it tastes.   As long as she can remember it has been one of the truest comforts she has known. Kate, like many women, have a unique relationship with food and how it relates to their bodies.

Aspen was a great place for Kate to grow up, especially because her soul’s path is to make peace with the fact that her self-worth is unrelated to the size and shape of her body. She is grateful to have lived in Aspen for the time that she did as it shaped her food journey in many ways.

Aspen is a place of such colossal beauty, enormous resources and intelligence with a rather lopsided ratio of people who care about where their food comes from. Kate believes the amazing people creating the local food movement in the Roaring Fork are the ones to look to and to learn from.

Kate lives in Paonia now, because she thought it would bring her closer to her food choices. It has, but she still has much work to do to connect her daily food to local sources.  During this project she intends to be as real as possible about her journey and relationships with plants and animals, to be called out and to call out herself, and to dive deeply into her most basic human purpose: to eat food and to compost what comes out.