How is the #AspenLocavoreChallenge Going?

A friend asked how the Aspen Locavore project was coming along, and I gave her my honest review thus far.

Well... It's something! So many exciting things happening. As far as eating... The food is alive and you feel more in touch if you know what I mean. It's truly a challenge in terms of time and cost and cooking. It's completely obvious already we need a Restaurant focused on local farm sourcing and more infrastructure for eating local. We have the land, we have the farmers, and we have the desire.  It's all here, we just have to gather it up and build the support ! 

Also, our Marolt garden is providing:

  • large cucumbers ready for eating
  • summer squash 
  • little broccoli side shoots 
  • nasturtium flowers to add a lovely spicy flavor 
  • rows of lettuce greens 
  • kale/chard/collard greens, and plenty of sizable carrots

You would love it.  It's right up your alley!!!