The Locavore Lowdown: We're Getting Excited!

Betsy: The project is very alive and on schedule to begin on August 22 for 40 days.

Candace: Can you believe it's just 2 weeks until the start of our inquiry? I'm starting to freak out a bit about what I'm really going to eat for the next 40 days. Is anyone else? 

Betsy: I have posted my pantry and Food Source Guide on my page. I've also found some recipes which I'll share soon. 

I have been spending a fair amount of time with Brook LeVan of Sustainable Settings fame. We are brainstorming a number of ideas especially with their 20th anniversary coming up next year.

Candace: Cool! I can't wait to try Sustainable Settings' dairy products during the 40 days. My boyfriend and I can't eat/drink a full portion of some of the quantities offered, i.e. a full gallon of milk per week is too much for us. Anyone want to share? We could jointly take responsibility to get the products and then meet up to split them between us. 

Betsy: Speaking of sharing, we are partnering with ACES to test a "local food loot" concept. Jason is completely committed to partnering with all local farmers to make it a community oriented offering. And the recipe concept page was just finalized - stay tuned! Meredith saved the day of course with some great copy. 

Meredith: Thanks! Candace - what is happening with the garden?

Candace: I've been to the garden a few times now to weed and have been enjoying some beautiful, fresh-picked lettuces and herbs this week. It needs more love and attention but overall is in pretty good shape. The broccoli is sprouting, the onions are poking above the soil, and the snow and sugar snap pea plants are producing!

Keep tuned for your next update from the Aspen Locavore!

"It' morning, afternoon, or evening. Begin." - Thomas Merton